What are your sessions like?

How long have you been shooting professionally/weddings?

General Questions

Adventure sessions with me have two main purposes.  First, and most important, we are going to work together to create some beautiful, authentic, and fun photos that you can enjoy for a lifetime. I will help direct you through the session, so you don't feel nervous about what to do with those hands. Ha! Second, our sessions are meant for us to have the chance to get to know each other better and to get comfortable with each other.  As a bonus, I want to take you to locations that are adventurous! Some hiking may be involved in our sessions, but that is all part of the experience!

I have been shooting professionally since 2015.  In Haiti I shot a lot of commercial photography: national ad campaigns, hotel and restaurant development, and photos for the Ministry of Tourism. During that time I was introduced to Wedding Photography.  Being bilingual in Haitian Creole helped me to work with all different kinds of couples, American and Haitian. When I moved back to US in 2017, I began focusing solely on Adventure Wedding Photography.

How long does it take to deliver the photos?

How many photos will we receive?

Workflow Questions

I deliver about 150-250 images for engagement sessions and 600-800 for weddings.

I strive to deliver engagement sessions within a week, and weddings within two weeks. These will be delivered via an online password protected gallery. The albums and personalized memory stick boxes will take a little longer to arrive.

Do you do prints or albums?

How far in advance do we book you?

Because my travel schedule & pricing structure is constantly evolving, I generally don't book weddings & elopements more than 18 months out (with the exception of international destination weddings). I typically book stateside elopements anywhere from 2-12 months out. I like to leave room in my schedule for last minute elopements too, so even if you're planning to elope in the next few weeks, definitely reach out! I might have a space just for you.

Absolutely! I create Handmade Genuine Italian Leather Albums customized to your liking. We will work together on these to make something beautiful that will last forever and you will be able to pass on to your children & grandchildren. As for prints, I have a very easy print option in the online gallery. Just click the shopping cart that is on the image and you will be able to print various sizes, canvas, framed, and even customize cards (for save the dates or thank you’s).

How much do you charge for travel?

How far do you travel for weddings?



I charge a flat rate of $150 per day of travel.  You will also cover the cost of my flight, lodging, and rental car if needed.  These prices will all be rolled into the photography package and you will only be responsible to pay the package.  For your convenience, I will take care of my own travel arrangements.

The easy answer is that I will travel as far as I need to get to where you are.  Most of my photography sessions are located within the Southern Appalachia's (TN, NC, VA, SC, GA), but I can go farther.  Any wedding beyond 2 hours from my home in East TN will require an overnight stay.  So the price of lodging will be included in the wedding package price.

Do you travel internationally for weddings?

Do you travel outside of TN to shoot weddings?

Yes, it is my pleasure!  I have traveled to both Mexico and Haiti for weddings!  Since moving back to America in 2017 I have not had my passport stamped nearly enough!

For sure!  About half of my weddings are in other states!  In fact, I've shot in 8 different states and counting! I love getting out to new places and meeting new people!

What happens if we are on a shoot and your camera stops working?

Do you have insurance for your business?



Yes, I do.  I have insurance for my gear as well as liability insurance.

I always bring extra memory cards, batteries, and even an extra camera as back up.

Will it be safe for us to do photo shoots in the mountains?

What kind of camera and lenses do you use?

I have spent many years working and playing in the mountains, so you can feel safe with me.  I will advise you on what to expect when we head out, and make sure we are all prepared.  Not only am I a great guide for the outdoors, but I am certified in Child and Adult First Aid/CPR through the American Red Cross just in case of emergencies.

Since 2007 I have been shooting Canon.  For me, I love the way the cameras feel in my hand and I usually shoot your weddings with two camera bodies.  I also have a number of different Canon Professional lenses to be able to best capture your big day.

Miscellaneous Questions

What if we want to get married in a place you've never been? Can you still helps us find a location?

YES. I am a highly experienced traveler who is constantly planning my own travels to new places and new countries. I use resources like google earth, guidebooks, and do a ton of online research to help find a place perfectly suited for your adventurous day. I am also part of a few worldwide networks of wedding vendors, so I can help find other amazing artists like hair & makeup, flowers, officiants, and any other vendors needed. I have helped plan many weddings from afar and I am confident in my abilities to plan an elopement in a new place that’s just as amazing as a place I've shot lots of times before.

YES. This is one of the favorite parts of my job. I spend hours exploring hidden places, scouring google maps, and doing research on amazing and secluded spots. In fact, a lot of the couples I work with don't have a spot picked out yet when they reach out to me. Once you book with me, I am happy to share all the location information I have with you and help you pick a spot that's perfect for you + your story together. I always encourage my couples to consider a place that might be special to them, as opposed to choosing the most popular or most epic places.

How much planning do you do? Should we still hire a wedding planner?

What is it like to work with you?

I are happy to help plan locations, help with the permit process, and recommend additional vendors. I can come up with timelines for the day and help you figure out logistic, and take care of anything pertaining to photography of course. However, I also think that the work planners do is so valuable and can truly add to the experience. If you’re wanting a few more stylistic elements (arches, installations, picnic, dinner) I would highly recommend bringing on a planner! I have several amazing people I can recommend, many of whom specialize in wild adventurous elopements and weddings in the outdoors.

I am easy going, and calm natured person and I try to bring that into my sessions and weddings. I capture different angles and artistic view points. I guide with direction & charm with vibe which allows me to capture your love story authentically. I have a system dialed in, so things are seamless on a wedding day.

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