Vy & David Adventure Engagement Session Roan Mountain

February 26, 2021

Vy & David Adventure Engagement Session Roan Mountain

Vy & David contacted me about an Adventure Engagement Session at Roan Mountain last fall and I was super excited to get up there with them!  Vy and David live in Portland, Oregon and are avid bike riders, and they really wanted to incorporate their love of bike riding into their shoot.  So my response… “LET’S DO IT!”

Adventure Engagement Session Photographer Carvers Gap Roan Mountain

So me made all the arrangements for them to borrow David’s dad’s retro bikes and we made our way over to the closed access road near the Carver’s Gap Trailhead parking area.  The rest is history! It was my first time to use bikes as a prop for an Adventure Engagement Session, but it worked well.  I think the photos turned out amazing!

Be sure to check them out in the Adventure Engagement Session gallery after the Couple’s Q&A…


Couple’s Q&A

Date of Session


Future wedding date and venue

Hunter, TN- 9/18/21

How did y’all meet?

At a college paint-night party! It was David’s first time attending this event. Poor David brought beers to a wine preferential crowd, so I took pity on him and accepted one of his beers. Sometime later, we found ourselves fighting over the cookie dough in Spanish.

When and where did you go on your first date?

A Mexican Restaurant, downtown Denver on 2/6/16

Tell me about your first date together?

We took the RTD lite-rail from Golden to downtown Denver. It was quite frigid, but David is an all-weather adventure kind of guy. We started out at a Mexican restaurant, zigzagged around the neighborhood and eventually ended up on the banks of the South Platte River.

I forgot what we talked about, but I remember being endlessly amazed by his many travel adventures and sense of direction. As a person who always got lost, I couldn’t understand how he knew exactly where we were at all times and what direction we were facing at all times.

How did you fall in love?

Vy: We have so many common interests and values. When we are together, the world is our oyster. It is hard to describe how we fell in love, because it feels like every couple months, I feel like we fall in love with new and different things about each other.

David: Slowly. But we knew it was meant to be after a hike on Iron Mountain above Hampton when she put up with bushwhacking in the dark, and we realized we share values, life goals, and love each others’ families.

When/where did he/she propose?

At some park in Portland, OR. It was very cold and we were walking for “fun”… sense a pattern here? ha!

What are you most excited about for your wedding?

All of our loved ones to come and have fun!

Describe your relationship in 5 words

Vy: warm, adventurous, powerful, safe, supportive

David: el gringo y la chinita

Where would y’all go for your dream honeymoon?

Vy: anywhere and everywhere!

David: Somewhere new in Southeast Asia

What is your most favorite thing about each other?

Vy: David’s compassion for others

David: Her tenderness

How have you grown as a couple since you first started dating?

Vy: Meal planning together… does it get more serious than that?

David: we have learned to compromise!

Favorite quirk about each other

Vy: David’s pickiness with socks – as a kid he called them “stranglers” because they were strangling his toes.

David: She twitches as she falls asleep.

How do you feel most loved by your partner?

Vy: When he makes me food or brings snacks on our long adventures.

David: When she looks out for me.

First impression of each other?

Vy: David was a little stinky.

David: Cute and interesting, but too young.

List of vendors represented in your session

Savanah at Tailored Hair Co., MiaDonna (ring)

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