Rebeka & Carters Engagement Session Roan Mountain Carvers Gap NC

September 27, 2020

Adventure Engagement Session Roan Mountain Carvers Gap NC

When you are going to the mountains to photograph an engagement session or wedding, you never know what it is going to be like. I have gone out and it started pouring rain with couples, it’s been 17 degrees and snowing, and even in the midst of a foggy day like in Rebeka and Carter’s Engagement Session below. The mountains can sometimes be tricky to shoot in. You have to be prepared for anything that comes. As I prepare for a photoshoot in the mountains, whether it is in the summer or the middle of winter, I work with every couple to make sure that they are all ready for whatever comes our way. Engagement Session Roan Mountain

Engagement Session Roan Mountain Carvers Gap NC

Being a local couple, Rebeka and Carter was familiar with the unpredictable elements on Roan Mountain. I met them at the parking area at Carver’s Gap and we followed the Appalachian Trail for about half a mile to the top of the mountain. From there we waited a bit for the clouds to clear out but realized that they were there to stay. So, we made the best of it. And honestly, I couldn’t have been happier with the way the photos turned out. Engagement Session Roan Mountain

Roan Mountain is one of those spots that couples in this region flock to. I have been shooting an engagement session there before where if you looked down the trail, you could see three other photographers with couples trying to capture the same backdrop. It is for this reason that I bring something “extra” to my shoots with couples. For every one of the dozens of times that I have been to Roan to shoot, I make a point to photograph my couples in at least one completely new location.

I want to provide them with something that I have never done or ever seen before. Being able to create something brand new for them that looks different than other photos that they have seen on IG brings me a lot of joy.

For my shoot with Rebeka and Carter, I did not have a problem with taking pictures that look like “everyone else’s!” Their engagement photos were truly unique. They were hoping for big views and mountain scenes, but as I said above, the mountain sometimes throws curve balls. Engagement Session Roan Mountain

The sunlight diffused through the clouds and fog in such a magical warm way. When taking pictures of couples, it is important to have nice diffused light so that there are no harsh shadows on their faces. And as you look at these photos, there are no shadows anywhere. Engagement Session Roan Mountain

One of my favorite parts of the clouds rolling in so thick is that it gives the wooded areas, that outline the mountain’s main bald, an ethereal look that you can’t get any other way. The haze in the back of the photos really helps to give it that “film” look.

As we were heading back down the mountain, I couldn’t help but stop and get a shot with the light and clouds coming through the trees. But mostly, I loved the fact that there was a trail marker on the tree next to them. The white blaze marks the longest footpath in the world: The Appalachian Trail. I grew up hiking on this trail throughout GA, TN, and VA.

It means a lot to me for those reasons, but more importantly, it signifies a journey. An adventure. A path is taken by those who have stories to tell. Rebeka and Carter are starting their lives together. Their journey. Their adventure. And for me, it was a treat to be able to photograph them on that path together!

Here are Rebeka’s kind words that she posted to Facebook:
“I was impressed with Hunter before we even met in person. Working with him is like working with a friend you’ve known for a while and his work speaks for itself. We are so grateful to have had him capture our engagement session and will love these photos forever!” Engagement Session Roan Mountain