Melissa and Derrick Engagement Session Roan Mountain

February 22, 2021

Melissa and Derrick Engagement Session Roan Mountain

It was such a pleasure to meet up with Melissa and Derrick for their Engagement Session on Roan Mountain.  No matter what time of year I get up there, the conditions are always different.  For me, honestly, it is part of the fun of shooting up on the mountain.

The ever-changing conditions test me as a photographer and really make every couples’ photos just slightly different and unique.

I met Melissa and Derrick through Facebook and Melissa immediately showed interest in my photos. She straight up told me, “Hunter… this is exactly what I want for my wedding!”  It feels good when couples feel so strongly about my work. 🙂

So we scheduled the Adventure Engagement Session on Roan Mountain for November 8, 2020.  It ended up being a super beautiful day… not too cold.  Just right in fact.  Pretty typical wind speeds that ad a little extra to the shots, but clear skies and great color in that sunset.

Be sure to make it all the way through the Q&A from Melissa and Derrick and check out the FULL GALLERY below.


A Little Q & A For The Couple

How Did Y’all Meet?

We met on an online dating site.


When and Where did you go on your first date?

We met on July 15, 2018, at the Famous Toaster to eat breakfast.


Tell Me About Your First Date Together

After we met for breakfast, we went to Queens Landing to sit by the water to talk.  We then came back to my house and talked on the couch and he asked permission to kiss me which was so sweet!!


How Did You Fall In Love?

After we met and continued talking we felt the connection and told each other that we loved each other.


When/Where Did He/She Propose?

We were at the house and he knelt down and asked me if I would marry him.


What Are You Most Excited About For Your Wedding?

The pictures capture all of  the memories on our special day


Describe Your Relationship In 5 Words

A Love I Never Had


Where Would Y’all Go For Your Dream Honeymoon?

We would totally go to Italy for our Dram Honeymoon!


What Is Your Most Favorite Thing About Each Other?



How Have You Grown As A Couple Since You First Started Dating?

We are learning to understand each other.


Favorite Quirk About Each Other

Derrick: She buys candy for me every time she goes to the store.

Melissa: He stares at me ALL the time 😉


How Do You Feel Most Loved By Your Partner?

Derrick: When she snuggles up to me.

Melissa: Every morning he leaves me a love letter on my computer and I just love that!


First Impression Of Each Other

Derrick: She was breathtaking and drop-dead gorgeous.

Melissa: He looked so sweet, and the way he looked at me was like he had never seen a woman before.


Thank you Melissa and Derrick for filling out the form and allowing me to help tell your unique love story!  It was such a pleasure shooting y’all’s Adventure Engagement Session on Roan Mountain!  I look forward to shooting your Wedding Photos in the near future!

If you are someone who is looking for someone to help you plan and shoot your Adventure Engagement Session on Roan Mountain, or a location of your choice, contact me today.  If you are interested in learning more about Adventure Elopements, check out my Elopement Guide here.

Adventure Engagement Session Photography Roan Mountain

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