Brittney & Jon Engagement Session at The Magnolia Venue

August 11, 2021

Britteny & Jon Engagement Session

Although we had fun and I was super happy to connect with Brittney and Jon and shoot their engagement session, deep down I was a little disappointed with my day...  I DID NOT GET TO SEE ANY BEARS!  Ha Ha!  The last time I was in GSMNP, I saw six bears.  Oh well.  There is always next time.

To see more of the awesome photos from Brittney and Jon's shoot, scroll down and be sure to catch the slide show and Couple's Q&A at the end of the post... Enjoy!

Note: Shooting Adventure Engagement Sessions in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park requires a shooting permit.  There are many rules that must be followed in order to protect the environment and you as a couple.  Hunter Kittrell Photography is a licensed photographer and I would be more than happy to explain more or give you advice on shooting engagement sessions or weddings in the park.

Recently I was planning a trip to the Smokies to visit a few wedding venues and to explore the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Two days before the trip I was contacted by Brittney and Jon asking if I was available to shoot their engagement photos in the Smoky Mountains. My response was, "Wow!  You guys are in luck!" What are the chances of that?  Great timing on their part.

On the day of the shoot, I had them meet me over at The Magnolia Venue in Pigeon Forge, TN.  We started there by working our way around the beautiful mountain venue and then broke for lunch.  I met up with Brittney and Jon later in the day to explore several places in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  Lots of hiking, getting a little lost while trying to find a good shooting location, and then enjoying the cool river rounded out our afternoon of shooting in the park.


Future Wedding Date and Venue

Date of the Session & Location

Oct 23rd, 2021 at Walcott Coliseum

07/21/2021 - The Magnolia Venue and Great Smoky Mountain National Park

When and where did you go on your first date?

How did Y'all meet?

Teluwut Bar and Grill on August 2016

We met at a local bar called City Limits in St. Ansgar, Iowa. He was out with some of his friends and I was out for some drinks with my coworkers. I went up to him to make a comment about his hunting clothes and the rest has been history!

How did you fall in love?

Tell me about your first date together?

Just being real and honest with each other, spending time with each other and working through everything together as partners.

We went out for supper at Teluwut and had amazing food. Then he asked if I wanted to go on a bike ride after supper. Little did I know that he meant a motorcycle ride and I got super nervous. Good thing it ended up raining and we weren’t able to go.

When and where did he/she propose?

What are you most excited about for your wedding?

He proposed in the backyard with our four dogs.

The reception party to celebrate our love with all our friends and family.

Describe your relationship in 5 words?

Where would you go on your dream honeymoon?

Fun Passionate Loving Sincere Kind


What is your most favorite thing about each other?

How have you grown as a couple since you first started dating?

He makes me laugh or smile every single day

We’ve grown a lot! When we both met each other we were both happy being single and not looking for any else. Now we have a house together and four dogs and cant wait to settle down, get married and have kids.

What were first impressions of each other?

How do you feel most loved by your partner?

He’s different than in other guy I've ever met (in a good way)

When he looks at me like he loves me no matter what


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