What are Adventure Wedding Photographers?

August 18, 2021

What are Adventure Wedding Photographers?

So yes, I do throw around the words “ADVENTURE Wedding Photographer” a lot!  Either that gets you excited and imagining how fun one of our shoots could be in a really epic location, or it leaves you scratching your head asking, “What is the difference between Adventure Wedding Photographers and a ‘regular’ wedding photographer?”

I guess the best way to answer that question is to break it down into parts.
First off wedding photography.
There are so many different kinds of wedding photographers out there. Some of my best friends consider themselves luxury wedding photographers. They shoot high-end weddings for couples that are looking for all the glitz and glam! If you don’t know what I mean by luxury wedding, just Google it. You’ll get the idea.
On the other hand, I have friends who primarily shoot destination weddings and elopement.
No matter what the wedding looks like, there’s always a dedicated photographer to capture the beautiful moments of the day and to tell the stories of the couples.  For me, as a wedding photographer, it is my absolute joy to join you in your wedding journey.  Telling your unique story through thoughtful and beautiful images is what I do.  Wedding photography is less of a “job” and more like a passion that I get to share with you.  It is so meaningful to come alongside you and your fiance and document your love for you to enjoy forever.
Engagement session at little stoney creek falls va adventure wedding photographers
For the second part, adventure.
I grew up in a family that promoted outdoor activities: hiking, fishing, skiing, rock climbing, canoeing, and road-tripping to experience the beauties that the natural world provides us.  It was through this upbringing that I learned to appreciate the outdoors.  There is something freeing and awe-inspiring when you stand at the peak of a mountain that you have just climbed or a set of rapids that you have just paddled through.  These experiences have defined me and come through in my photography as well.
So really, it only made sense, that when I wanted to start my photography business from scratch here in Northeast TN (after shooting commercial photography professionally in Haiti for 4 years), that I would build something that incorporated both of my passions.  I would build a brand around the things that excite me the most: A life of adventure and photographing love stories of people during the most exciting time in their lives!

Recently I was speaking with a couple, after having had an epic engagement session in the mountains, and they explain something to me. They had taken engagement photos once before, but we’re not very happy with what was delivered to them.

It wasn’t just the photos that they were unhappy with. They were unhappy with the entire experience.
Here’s how it went… They contacted the photographer, sent money to this person, and they scheduled to meet with them in an empty field. The photographer took their photos for about 30 minutes and then they got back in the car and went home. After about a week or so they got the photos back and were unhappy with the edits. Their skin tones were not true to color and they just felt like they were a bit awkward and stiff.  The photos went bad, but they felt like there was nothing overly special about them either.
You can imagine how many times I’ve heard this exact story with couples. Maybe they aren’t super excited about getting their pictures taken because they’ve had photos done in the past and it wasn’t fun.  They did not like the way they turned out or the way they looked in the images.
Engagement session at little stoney creek falls va adventure wedding photographers

Here’s how Adventure Wedding Photographers, like me, come in.

This is where an adventure photographer can shine. Because I don’t just go out into a random field, take your pictures for 30 minutes, and then send you home with an invoice.
Just as the name implies, I want to go on an adventure with you!
I want you and your partner to have a memorable experience. An experience that you should be want to retell over and over to your friends and family.
Sometimes I crack up when couples shyly admit after a session that I led them through the most adventurous experience of their lives.  That right there makes me feel good!
A big reason for hiring a photographer is for them to take your photos, but the ultimate reason for hiring “Adventure Wedding Photographers” is to have amazing photos to go along with an amazing experience. It is my goal as an adventure wedding photographer to leave you with a story that you can tell afterward.
Are you ready for your Adventure? If you have read this far into the blog then I think you are!  Ha!  If you are ready for your own Adventure Engagement Session, then contact me below!

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