Jenna & Cameron Engagement Session Catawba Falls

February 25, 2021

Jenna & Cameron Engagement Session Catawba Falls

Last fall I met up with Jenna & Cameron to shoot their Engagement Session Catawba Falls, NC.  It was my first time to visit the falls, but I was blown away!

The hike up the holler was so beautiful, and when you reach the main falls, it is EPIC!  Check out the photos below to see what I mean!

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Adventure Engagement Session Photography Catawba Falls NC


Couple’s Q&A

Date of Session


Future wedding date and venue

Hidden Spring Farm, Lafollette, TN on 10-23-2021

How did y’all meet?

We met our Junior year of high school and it took me(Jenna) 6 months to get Cameron to talk to me. We started dating September 23rd, 2016 about a month after the start of our Senior year.

When and where did you go on your first date?

We went to a movie and dinner the beginning of November of 2016.

Tell me about your first date together?

It was a super cliche date. Two awkward teenagers, neither of whom dated much in high school. Neither of us can even remember what movie it was, but we went to a local Chinese place for dinner and just talked, about ourselves, our families and our interests.

How did you fall in love?

Once we settled into our relationship, we realized that we were finishing each other’s sentences some days and squabbling like an old married couple the next. And through it all, we knew we were a natural fit. We’ve had 5 years of growth and change both in our relationship and as individuals, and our love while it has grown, it never dwindled.

When/where did he/she propose?

Neither Cameron or myself are big on big displays, so a proposal was never something really either of us wanted. We obviously wanted to get married and could always see our lives together, so rather then a proposal we kind of just made the decision that we wanted to get married and found the perfect engagement ring.

What are you most excited about for your wedding?

Celebrating with our friends and family is obvious, but also celebrating as a family. For myself, it’s getting to see him watch me walk down the aisle and ball like a baby. For him, it’s the kiss at the end of the ceremony that will seal our forever. Also we are pretty excited about the food trucks we are having cater.

Describe your relationship in 5 words

Humorous, progressive, blissful, passionate, and eccentric

Where would y’all go for your dream honeymoon?

Ireland but we decided to stay in the states and go to Disney and Universal Studios

What is your most favorite thing about each other?


How have you grown as a couple since you first started dating?

100%!! 5 years together and our growth together and individually is crazy.

Favorite quirk about each other

He’s constantly doing crazy voices and accents. Her memory, she can remember everything and anything and it floors me.

How do you feel most loved by your partner?

Her love language of acts of SERVICE, she rather have something done for HER over receiving something. His is words of affirmation, he flourishes when I compliment him.

First impression of each other?

I thought he was cute and shy and it intrigued me. Plus he wasn’t much of a talker, so I was constantly trying to get more than 2 or 3 words out of him. HE thought I was loud and crazy(I was) and way too personable for him and actually found me annoying.

List of vendors represented in your session

Ring is by James Allen and Photography is done by the incredible Hunter Kittrell.

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