Is Wedding Photography Worth It

March 13, 2021

Is Wedding Photography Worth It?

How many times have you thought the question, “Is wedding photography worth it”? To be completely honest, I don’t get this question very often because most couples that get to the point of speaking with me have already made their mind up that photography IS worth it. Nonetheless, let me address that question for anyone who maybe on the fence, or maybe trying to convince a fiancé that photography is needed for the wedding.

Little disclaimer… I am a Wedding Photographer. I know I know, big surprise. You probably think that i’m going to try and talk you into getting wedding photos because I want you to book me, and I want your money. That, couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Is Wedding Photography Worth It

Photography My Passion

I have been fully immersed into the professional world of photography since about 2014, but I didn’t officially start my wedding business until 2017. So taking pictures for me is one of the joys of my life. Being able to capture love stories in adventurous and epic locations is my calling. Whether or not you choose to work with me does not define my joy or excitement towards photography.

If you read this blog post and find it helpful then Great! If you read this and decide that we’re not a good fit, no hard feelings!

Why Invest?

If you were truly wanting to know the reasons, in general, for investing in a wedding photographer, let me share three reasons to consider:

Priceless Memories

First off, if you are asking the question, “Is Wedding Photography Worth It,” then let’s look at the most important reason for the photos, to preserve your memories. How many times have you looked back at old photo albums, or seen “Memories” photos pop up on your Facebook feed and it not make you happy to see them? How many times have you spoken with family members that say, “Man, I wish I hadn’t of had a really talented photographer at my wedding”? Ha! I’ve never heard that before.

I think back to my own parents and the photo albums that they have from their wedding. They probably only had a couple dozen photos taken. Other than the love they share with each other, the memories in those photos are all they have left from their wedding day.

Those photos can take you back to when you were young, and they help you to remember the love that you shared with your spouse. I’ll be the first to admit that life is hard, and those photos are so powerful that they can help keep your marriage alive. It’s so important to me I wrote a whole blog about the photo helped to save my marriage!

So if photographer is going to be able to capture the memories of your special day. It’s memories that you don’t want to forget. Aunt Sally for grandpa Joe aren’t going to be able to capture the real Emotion, or joy of that day on their little cell phone or point-and-shoot camera. So you shouldn’t rely on them for such an important task of properly capturing all those beautiful times with your new spouse and your friends and family.

Wedding Resource

Second, if you’re asking yourself the question, is wedding photography worth it, then I want you to think about it from a slightly different perspective… The photographer is not only the person that shows up to take pictures on the wedding day. Your wedding photographer is also someone who is a resource to you through your wedding journey.

We Photographers give you advice on vendors, help you plan out the wedding day schedule, work with you on engagement session photos, help with prints and save the dates and thank you cards, and something I’m real good at…

Your photographer should help to ease the stress during this wedding journey. Maybe it’s from where I lived in the Caribbean for so long, but I take an island life approach. I keep calm and those vibes in turn help to relax those around me.

Through it all, just keep in mind that we do way more than just take photos. If you would like to speak with me more about how I can help guide you through your wedding journey, schedule a time for us to set up a zoom call.

Because You Love Your Fiancé

Lastly, if you are STILL asking yourself is wedding photography worth it, then chances are you should ask yourself, is it important to my future spouse. I don’t know how many times I’ve shot couples were the groom just says I’m along for the ride, I’m just doing this to make her happy. And guys, that’s the wrong approach. You shouldn’t be doing it just to “make her happy,” you should be doing it because you “LOVE HER SO MUCH.”

Even if engagement or wedding photos may mean nothing to you, be sure to communicate with your fiancé.  To them, it may be something that is very important and you would not want to be the reason that they were not able to have the photos of their dreams.  As a couple you have to dream together, and this may be the first step for that.

is wedding photography worth it

Take Aways

At the end of the day, the biggest take away from any of this is that you need to have good communication with your future spouse.  Talk with them, sit down and weigh the pros and cons of wedding photography.  If it makes sense for both of you, then I encourage you to reach out to me!

I would be happy to schedule a call to plan a to chat about your specific needs and how I can best come join in your wedding journey and best capture love for each other.

Click on the link here to set up a time to chat with Hunter about photographing your love story or if you are still asking the question, “Is Wedding Photography Worth It?”

Additionally, I can talk all day long about why you need to hire a wedding photographer, and probably about how that photographer should be me, but I am going to let my previous couples speak for me.  Follow the link here to see what past clients have to say… Reviews

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